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Non-Resident Trapping: For those interested in trapping while attending the NAFA meet, there are occasionally Harris’s hawks found in and around Lubbock. A two hour drive south to the Midland/Odessa area will yield larger populations for those who may be interested in trapping or watching Harris’s in their natural element. Prairie falcons and merlins are also found in and around Lubbock.
There is one known family of HH's around Lubbock, but not a single one of them were spotted this past season. I hope they just moved and are doing well. As far as Midland/Odessa, there are HH's but finding them is a trick in itself sometimes. I've had times where I would see 4-5 in a day for 2 weeks and then go almost a month without finding them, and then see them again. Not sure where they go or if they just get into an area I can't get to them. For those that do wish to trap around Lubbock, there are plenty of prairies normally, RT's, and ferruginous are in pretty good numbers as well. Lot's of open farm roads and county roads to cruise. If you head south and start getting more into the oilfield area's, be careful. You may drive into an open cattle guard just to find it locked on your way back out and find out it's a private lease road, even though they are not always clearly marked.