Hey guys and gals, I'm 48 and newly bitten. My test is passed with equipment being gathered/made and mews construction in brainstorm mode. I already have longtime falconer agreed to sponsor me and he's a straight up guy. Lets me do my own thinking but quick to shoot holes in my plans with straight forward this is why that might not be a good idea type responses. As with all of us he's a family guy with his own life which in a way makes me feel like kind of a pain in his neck, hopefully this will pass and a friendship will grow or at least a lessened feeling of awkwardness on my part. He seems comfortable and maybe the problem is all in my head.
He's earned my trust, and hopefully I'll earn his, so I'm confident in him calling the game 100% during my apprenticeship years. That said if any Bayou Country hawkers feel so inclined send me a Pm, I'll take all the seeing and live action of the doings of falconry I can get.

Lew Roussel