I went through a rough time and had to transfer my red tail hawk to another NH falconer before I moved back to Maine. Now trying to find a Maine sponsor. I had an apprentice license and a red tailed hawk in NH for 7 months but the state of Maine told me I needed a Maine sponsor.

It has taken me awhile to settle into my new home, new job. I had an addition built so wasn't ready to pick up where I left off in NH. I probably still won't be ready for another year or so.

I plan on working on my mews this summer so wanted input from Maine falconers about the design.

I was invited to a meet last winter but couldn't make it because of work and lack of funds. I also attended the Maine falconers picnic/BBQ in a gorgeous location and met some nice people.

I would like to continue dialogue with Maine falconers so they can get to know me. I am serious and would very much like to continue falconry. I have Tuesday and Sunday off from work.

My life was crazy for a couple of years but it's settling down and hopefully with some help from the Maine peeps I can start getting focused again on Falconry.

Is there a website that lists upcoming Maine Falconry events? Thanks