I am joining this forum in hopes of meeting other folks involved with falconry and to obtain additional knowledge.

I live in Southern California and also own property in Big Pine, CA where I plan to retire and take up practicing falconry. Big Pine is a very desolate area in the Owens Valley, also known as The Eastern Sierra's, with a wide spread area for hunting and fishing, where my family has been fishing and hunting for at least two generations. I have a large piece of property there that will be perfect for keeping birds of prey.

I have been involved with an aviation career for the past 32+ years, that has required a lot of attention and travel, and is why I have not taken up falconry any sooner. I currently am on assignment working/living in France, and am moving back to the states this coming August, and am planning to retire in the next few years.

I have been interested in birds of prey as far back as I can remember, and am always spotting them out wherever I may be, anywhere in the world. I have studied all the information I have been able to get my hands on regarding falconry, studied the laws of the USA, specifically California. I have obtained the test guides and apprenticeship handbooks through the CA Hawking Club, and plan to join the CHC and take the test as soon as I return to the states.

Through my career in aviation I have obtained several Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certifications, and am very much experienced with Federal Rules and Regulations, and understand they are very similar to the Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations. Working for a large aviation company as I do, we are required to be held to an elevated ethical standard, that is, I'm sure much the same as within the falconry associations. I have no doubt I will make an excellent falconer Apprentice, as I progress on to General

Throughout my career I have also some experience with building houses, plumbing and electrical, and another main hobby is building and flying radio controlled airplanes. So, I very much enjoy building anything with my own hands and tools, and am looking forward to building a grand Hawk House/Mews with adjoining tool room and fenced weathering yard, along with all the required falconry equipment.

I am looking forward to asking all the regular apprenticeship questions within the other forum pages on this site, along with the all important; "How to locate a sponsor" question.

Any and all introduction feedback is welcome..

Kevin Tidball