Drum Tanned Kangaroo: Jesses, Anklets & Braiding

We are experienced falconers and this is the best kangaroo leather we have ever seen. Every bit of each hide is usable and the thickness varies from 1.2 to 1.4 mm. It is dense, resists ripping, and will wear well on even the toughest hawks. These hides were selected and processed specifically for Western Sporting. The cost is a few dollars more for this quality of leather, but it's worth it.

This leather is for Larger Hawks (18 to 52 ounces).
Half Skin (approx 3.5-4 sq ft) @ $94.95
Full Skin (approx 7-8 sq ft) @ $194.95

Kangaroo leather is known to be the strongest leather, per thickness, in the world. The grain on kangaroo is rather mixed-up so it does not have quite the stretch one way or the other that is present in most leathers. We have sourced the best skins we could locate—in fact they were custom tanned to our exact specifications. These skins are drum-tanned so they are dense and supple—perfect for anklets and jesses.