I took this in on trade at my dealership. Usually send stuff like this to auction but thought it could make someone a good truck to get to and from the field. Seen plenty of Tacoma trucks at Sky Trials over the years. It's in decent shape, but like any trade-in it needs a few things too. I have a Meineke Car Care Center so I can arrange maintenance/repairs or leave it as is to keep the value down. If you are interested let me know and I can tell you what the mechanic told me about it when he gave it the once over for me today.

PM me your number or I will send you my number so we can chat.

I'm getting back into falconry after a few years off so I need new telemetry & I'd like to fly a Harris Hawk or a Goshawk again. I'd also be interested in breeding Merlins or Harris Hawks in the near future. I know I'm a bit late for a bird this year unless someone has a late batch of Harris chicks still so I'm open to trading for future birds from an established breeder.

I value the truck at $3,400 as is and up to $5,500 with a little love from our shop.