Thought I would bump this:

I hate not having what I need 900 miles from home, so with almost 40 NAFA Meets under my belt, I use an exhaustive check list. . . .

Falconry Related: Food Baggies, Zip Lock Freezer Bags -Qt./Gal., Bath Pans, Bota, Chaps, Live Lures w/Cage/Food/Water, Field Jesses, Flushing Sticks, Frozen Hawk Food, 2 Coolers - 1 People/1 Game/Hawk Food, Gauntlets, Regular Gloves, Hawking Bag, Hawking Gear/Supplies/Tools Tackle Box, Hoods, Knives/Game Scissors, Leashes, Leather for Jesses/Anklets/Bewits, Local Hunting Contacts List (From Prior Meets), Metal Ruler, Newspapers for Giant Hood, NAFA Directory, Perches, Latex Gloves, Print Box, Scales, Short Shovel to Dig Out Dog/Bird, Telemetry & Accessories, Traps - Bal-Chatri and Pigeon Harness - Plus Repair Makings/Tools

Dogs: Bowls - Food/Water, Leashes/Check Cords, Crates, Dog Bed(s), Food, Grooming Tools, Leashes, OdorBan in Spray Bottle, Treats

Apparel/Personal: Belts, Books, Boots, Stamps/Envelopes, Credit Cards, Grooming/Dental, Hats, Jackets, Jeans, Medications, Spare Reading Glasses, Sunglasses, Shirts, Sock, Sweaters, Tennis Shoes, Underwear, Vests

Tech: Binoculars & Spotting Scope, Camcorder, CB Radio/Antenna, Cell Phone/Chargers, Computer/Printer/Paper, Digital Camera/Charger, Flashlight/Charger, FRS Radios/Charger, Firearms, Music, Spotlight/Inflator

Food: Bowls/Plates, Butter, Cereal, Eggs, Fruit, Fry/Sauce Pans, Gatorade, Hot Chocolate, Hot Plate, Ice, Milk, Nuts/Trail Mix/Candy, Pitcher, Paper Towels, Seasonings, Tea, Toaster, Utensils

Do I bring it ALL on EVERY long hawking trip? Of course not, but at least when I pull out of my driveway for 7 to 20 days on the road, I don't worry whether I've left anything at home.

Does anyone see anything I've missed on my list?
Greg Thomas – Indiana
Please add anything you can think of ---that would be great!!!