Bird abatement team and every piece of equipment you need.

The birds are as follows:

2 Male Harris Hawks. Both 4 years old and unrelated. Both are amazing flyers, both will go up quite high for Harris's very regularly. Both take feather and fur. Both hunt and chase gulls, and crows and both are great around people and heavy equipment. The smaller one is a bit noisy. He showed up that way, and he has always kept it. Both are great on glove, and great around other animals and kids.

1 female Harris Hawk. She is 2.5 years old. Fantastic hunter, will go after anything that moves and she thinks she’s got a chance on it. She hurt her wing last winter, she’s been down every since. Since the moult it looks fine now and the vet said after next moult she should be good to go. A bit noisy in her house and travel box as well, but quiet all other time.

1 female Red Tail Hawk. This girl is amazing. She is 24 years old this year and still going strong. She flies regularly (5-7 days a week). Though she has lost a step she is fantastic to fly, once she gets to know you. She will regularly take rabbit and on occasion has got some gulls. Great on glove, never makes a peep. She has gone into classes, demos, etc. Probably one of, if not the oldest working bird in Canada. Proven breeder, though I never tried.

8-10 transmitters. Some never used, all work great. Lots of spare batteries as well I believe.

1 Merlin Tracker Ultima Reciever. Bought brand new with a 10 year warranty on it. Great small pieve of gear that can fit in a pocker or clip on somewhere.

1 L.E. Receiever. This one is old but still great. I personally pick this one over the newer Merlin when I have a choice. I can get extremely accurate with it.

3-5 Falconer gloves. Some used some new, all in good shape.

5-10 unused custom bells, fantastic.

A whole bunch of extra antennas for the various transmitters.

Birds will be shipped in their custom built travel boxes (plastic with 1x1 frame). Or you can pick them up on Vancouver Island.

If buyer is willing to pay shipping on additional items, I can include perches of various styles, scales, vitamins, leather, grommet with piers, tail mounts, etc.

Asking $3500.00 for the package obo. Additional pics can be sent to serious enquiries only. Email

If you are a breeder, we may be able to work out a plan where you would pay less, and in return I would get a baby next year.

Shipping only in Canada.



p.s. again having issues trying to upload pics, can send anything specific to serious enquiries only.