It seems that my daughter and I have been bitten by the Falconry bug. Our pastor (a master falconer) is always talking about hawking and it seems I'm always listening. I've always thought it would be a really cool and rewarding hobby to get into but I've been worried about the time commitment.

Well my daughter has always love and been fascinated with the outdoors and wildlife, and even wants to be an animal scientist/researcher/vet. She has really latched onto falconry and after much discussion with my wife we have decided that it would be a great opportunity for some father/daughter bonding time.

So here we are. Very interested and we have a great sponsor as well, and I got to see my first falcon duck kill today - very cool, very addicting. The next few weeks/months look like lots of hard work to get ready for our first hawk. I look forward to the family time this will give me and my daughter.