For me the maths don't add up.
Lets examine the learning curve and its partnership with the motivation to happily apply a work load %

Juvenile birds already have the workload set far beyond the fitness level..

Its only when they hit the fitness boundary does the bird recalculate itself.. the onset of the economic learning curve.. natural learning of tactics..

Thus... the need to Teach a bird to ring is redundant.. yet the need to provide sufficient fitness is essential to subdue the onset of learning (combined with suitable slips & an absence of easier targets)

I Personally have rung game off the fist with a captive bred hack penned falcon with little more than a few out the hood exorcises to a dragged lure..
The fitness retained from the hack pen was sufficient enough to back up the target recognition and the bird continued all the while it had power..

The ringing flight is entirely down to the terrain, and if game is caught on the ground or attempting to enter cover you have entirely failed at achieving a traditional ringing flight..

I fail to believe that your ringing flights represent the traditional meaning of the term