Ok, recently I had to use one of my three scout transmitters. For about two years now I have used the remote control to turn it off and on. Since it is on my HH, I really did not have to use the receiver.

Well, about two weeks ago I did. The receiver did not see the transmitter. I had it about 5 years. No telling when it actually went out. My other two transmitters worked just fine.

I contacted Marshall. They are great to talk to. Of course my warranty is way out. I sent in my transmitter and they could not figure out what was wrong. They did give me the 20% off on the new one I ordered and received within 3 days. In order to get the 20% I had to let them keep my busted transmitter.

Guess one of the things I learned out of this, check your transmitters every so often with your receiver rather than relying on that $40 remote switch.

Still, Marshall is a great company.