This was my 1st meet so I don't have a comparison to weigh it against. I truly had a blast. I didn't bring a bird as I wasn't sure what to expect and took the opportunity to experience different types of falconry that I don't see in NH. EX: spent a day out for ducks and doves with a barbary/gyr, followed by a gos on pheasants, gos on rabbits in 50 mph winds...what a hoot, an eagle on jacks and rabbits. The food highlights for me were the shrimp boil and the dinners spent with great company. I made some new friends, got to play with Bryan and realized it has been way to long since I've tinkered in the blue grass arena, (thank you for your patience, truly enjoyed playing and singing with you and lovely wife . Got to spend time with several different families and found that when you share the same passion everything seams to gel relatively easy. Shared stories and met some old timers that were a lot of fun to talk about decades gone by!
I felt the hotel and staff were incredibly accommodating. That went a long way to making this trip stress free.
Bring on Oklahoma!