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I was wondering what people thought of this year's meet. I don't have a bird at the moment so I focused mainly on seeing and catching up with old friends, including making a few new ones. It was the first NAFA Meet that I've been to in over 15 years. Times, they are a changing. There were many new faces at the meet.

For the folks who did attend, what did you think?
I may not be the best person to answer because I seem to find fun times wherever I go (life being so short and all that...) but I live all year long with anticipation of the annual trip away from the east coast to see old friends and even make some new ones. Seemed like it took some serious driving and scouting for game this year, but that's become pretty normal for meets and anybody that put in the effort was probably rewarded. I've gotta say...at this point the post-meet depression is starting and next year can't get here fast enough. How is it that some of my favorite people all live so damn far away?

Many thanks to the fine folks that volunteer to make these things happen!

Other than that...I always say what happens at the meet stays at the meet. Y'all want more details than that you should show up next time and find out how fun it is for yourselves.