I flew Cooper's Hawks, Kestrels and an Aplomado forty years ago. I am recently retired from a career as a cell phone engineer and am getting back into active falconry. In the time between I have gone to the field with other falconers and gone to meets. I have maintained my other hobby of falconry telemetry during the entire time.

I am living in the agricultural area to the west of Phoenix, AZ. Current plan is to trap a Merlin this fall and fly mourning doves and sparrows (starlings are few and far between outside of the city areas).

I am currently doing "The Cheap Beep Project" as part of my other hobby.
This is mainly giving workshops on DIY UHF telemetry transmitters (see Hawk Chalk April 2015 pp38). Latest project is DIY directional receiving antennas for VHF and UHF.

Tom Munson