I sort of understand what you're trying to get at here, but there's way too much you are hoping the unit is going to do for you. As an example, just because you know what a bird is "doing" by looking at a screen, doesn't put an invisible tether on it-it can still do whatever it is going to do, whether you can see it or not, loosening the reins comes from ones confidence in the bird and the persons' training of said bird. You may not agree, but all this is leading to losing basic field mechanics and how to orchestrate flying a bird. I hardly even want to address the flush alarm component(and I realize you are going way outside the box) if you need a machine to tell you when to flush properly, it really starts to go down the toilet. In your enclosed area, a bird high enough to be out of sight is impractical, so I assume you would/should have eyes on the bird the majority of the time to be effective at all, so how is this whole going to help? Sure won't make the flush any more successful if the bird is that high.