I am a youngster to the sport and this is expensive,but holly shit it's awesome. I will turn in my recycling and eat potatoes for as long as necessary. Flying a cast with this transmitter changes everything.
I alway sit and dwell on the flight sometimes I don't see it all. This would be a game changer for me. To be able to log flights and see how the birds flew with respect to eac other, is like going from analog to digital.

I have two questions
1) if you pay them $995 for one transmitter what would be needed to fly two birds simultaneously, anther $995. Would there be some redundancy.
2) has marshall ever considered incorporating a key chain camera into a transmitter, or at the very least making a camera that fits on the Trac Pack.

Thank you for providing excellent products and support. Please continue with the R&D and keep pushing the envelope.