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I went originally to the web page in the body of the text, which took me to the GSM based tags from Microwave Telemetry. Going to the web page in the header took me to their Argos 17 gram PTT (Platform Terminal Transmitter)

Once again for all concerned: Argos gives daily or weekly updates on where your study animal HAS BEEN.
No real time positions.
No position on demand.
Researchers snivel about Argos air time consuming a significant portion of their budget.

Finally, what does any of this have to do with MRT and their "Direct Connect Design"

Let's move this discussion over to the open section of "Telemetry", perhaps start a thread for "Why Argos does not and can not work for falconry".
NOT FOR FALCONRY. For long term hack. Use this (if you can) to get within range that you can pick up a signal on a Hollohil transmitter or other potted transmitter.