I have 4 Treeing cur squirrel dog puppies for sale. I haven't tried these dogs under a bird but I have shot a lot of squirrels over my dogs. There are 3 males two of which are black and the other one is fawn, and there is o e female and she is black. I need my dogs because I wanted a couple pups out of them to hunt and my wife says the rest have to go ha-ha. I'm asking $100 a pup plus shipping if you need them shipped to you. I own both the male and the female and both are squirrel Treeing dogs. The male will even tree coon and flush pheasant if there are any. The female trees squirrels but I haven't tried her on anything else. They both hunt out to around 100-150 yards and have a good loud mouth. Pups are 10 weeks old, up to date on shots and worming. You can give me a call or text at 740-777-8231, thanks for looking.

Male pup 1

Female pup

Male pup 2

Male pup 3