For those not familiar with these dogs, the Drahthaar is the ultimate versatile hunting dog. They will point as good as any pointer, retrieve as good as any retriever, will blood track wounded deer, hunt squirrels, etc...

As a falconer, I can't imagine heading out to hunt without my Drahthaar. These dogs really have changed the way I look at hunting!!!

I have just had 2 litters of Drahthaar puppies born on the same day. I had anticipated 16 total, but was surprised with 21 puppies total. So.... I've got extra puppies and would like to see them in Falconer's hands! So far I've sold 14 of them to gun hunters. If any of you other Falconers would like to hunt over the best dog you'll ever have I'd be happy to put one in a falconry home at a 20% discount.

PM me if interested. Thx