I have 4 female Jagdterrier X Jack Russell puppies for sale. Both parents are excellent for flushing and tracking game on the ground and in the trees. I fly short wings with the majority of my quarry consisting of rabbits and squirrels. These are hunting dogs not house pets. For those of you unfamiliar with jagdterriers, these are not dogs but weapons with fur. I keep both parents inside but they are hunted heavily all year to keep them relatively calm. I'm selling them for $350 each. I will ship them but you will be required to pay all shipping costs to include vet check, crate, and airfare. They will be 6 weeks old on 8/24 and will be ready for pick up in the next 2 weeks. I will require a deposit of $100 with the remainder to be paid in full at pick up or before shipping. If you are interested please call me before 11pm eastern or email me.
Jeremy Allen 240-346-1194