It is with great pleasure that the Peregrine Club of Philadelphia is pleased to announce an invitation to all falconers to attend our Annual Meet. This is the 3rd Annual Meet since the reconstitution of the club in 2013. It is an event we would like to share with as many falconers as possible. Last year we enjoyed the company of falconers from neighbouring states and we hope to extend the reach of our invitation even further.

The meet will be held on November 27th and 28th. Registration and our central meeting place will be at the Holiday Inn in Morgantown at 6170 Morgantown Road, Morgantown, PA 19543. The hotel is, of course, dog and bird friendly. They have also offered a group rate of $89 per night for those attending the meet.

There will be a dinner banquet and a raffle held at the hotel on Saturday evening (the 28th).

Speaker: Ed Pitcher, Author of The Flying of Falcons. Mr. Pitcher is working on a second book as a follow up to the first.

Special Guest: Bob Gerlach. Mr. Gerlach will show a short film that his late father, Dr. James Gerlach recorded on Assateague Island trapping peregrines with some of the original members of the Peregrine Club of Philadelphia in the early days.

Meet & Banquet Fees:t
Renewal Membership
$15- Meet
+ $30- Banquet = $45 Total
New Membership

$25- Meet +
$30- Banquet = $55 Total
Nonmember Guest
$0 - Meet +
$60- Banquet = $60 Total
Under 16 $0 - Meet + $30 Banquet = $30

Register Here:

A valid falconry license and PA Hunting license are required to hunt in PA. You can order your PA license on-line here:

Please RSVP for the banquet no later than 11/1 so that we can have an accurate head count.

If you are interested in flying on stocked pheasant or chukar email as we need some idea of a head count and will have to coordinate the cost of game birds, typically about $15 each.

In regards to wild game, the meet is located within 5 miles of about 10,000 acres of state-owned hunting lands - State Game Land 43 and 52 as well as over 6,000 acres of French Creek State Park that are open to hunting where squirrel, rabbit, and pheasant should be available. There are also many farms nearby where falconers would be able to ask permission. SGL 43 has also been stocked with pheasant by the PA Game Commission.

We are hard at work trying to make Sunday hunting for Falconers legal in PA, so please come out and support us in our efforts.

We look forward to seeing you at this years meet and wish you all the best of Hunting.

The Officers & Members
Peregrine Club of Philadelphia