Well, there are those on this site that think I am a bit crazy to do this, especially with the migrant situation that is topping the news but....I am headed to the Hungarian International meet this year. (November 4-7)
Going to fly to London and then connect to Budapest. Have a 8 hour layover but not to fret, one of my old hawking buddies from England is going to meet up with me and we'll at least have lunch together.
I'll arrive in Budapest around 9:30pm and will stay in downtown Pest that night. Do a little sight seeing in the morning and then head out into the country via train (From the local train station that the migrants are not using) to be met by my host Daniel who will take me the rest of the way to the meet.
Now forgive me for not telling you the names of the towns. Too many consonants to even begin to pronounce.
Just like the Opocno meets in the Czech, Eagles will be flown at Roe deer and that will be my focal point. I was at that one back in 2003.
I do plan to take lots of pictures, eat a lot of goulash, drink beer and schnapps, oh and hawk some, as well as post this travel.
I'll be missing some great trapping time, the deer rut, some early hawking, etc., but you need to take another road now and then to spice up life.

Being the Vizsla person that I am, it will be interesting to see what has become of that breed in the land where they are from. I went to Google Earth and looked at the countryside and it looks open and great for hawking.
Will be interesting at least.
More to follow.............................

Oh the town where the meet is being held is: Füzesgyarmat