Hi there,
Over the years I have had multiple encounters with birds of prey but this week was an especially amazing and interesting example. Every October I have screech owls that visit. Their recognizable whinnying always brings a smile to my face. This year, I heard them earlier than normal (Sept) and they are staying later. Wednesday night one permitted me to get within almost an arm's length of it. Had I reached out, I was afraid it might fly away. The VERY NEXT day, a red tailed hawk landed on my grapefruit tree then flew RIGHT as me. It came within a foot of my head. I was Amazed to say the least. I turned my head so fast that I think I got whiplash, LOL.
Anyway, I would be interested to speak with anyone about falconry in my area. I understand the commitment involved with regard to time. I'm not sure how these threads work but if you could contact me via email we can talk more from there. (beegreeninsarasota@hotmail.com)
Thank you, Brenda