Hi all, and greetings, I'm new here, I live near/close to TIA (Tampa International Airport). I am trying to become and apprentice, I have already started to studied for the test/exam to get the permit but I need to find a sponsor or get sponsored.

I will like to help while I learn at the same time too. I already joined the Florida Falconer's Association, the Florida Gamehawkers group on facebook(with my wife account, I do not trusted facebook), next week will try to join the F-H-F (Florida Hawking Fraternity) too.

Thanks in advance for any kind of help or information about it, maybe is not the right question to ask but since I was a kid (when I watched the movie KES, I always wanted to become a falconer but back then in Puerto Rico I didn't have the necessary information or even know the people to helped me back the, early 80's so I can get a Guaraguao (Red-Tailed Hawk Spanish name we called them from Puerto Rico).

Now I have the chance, time, and commitment to learn and become part of this too, again thanks for any help, information and advice.

Best Regards