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I would conclude that you do not work with the public enough to be able to truely appreciate how stupid people really are. Even the smart ones...

The lunatic fringe in the law enforcement community thinks they are at war with the criminals. The occaisional high octane firefight that happens about once every decade or so is enough to keep the paranoia actively cooking. And of course, the anti-cop hysteria that breaks out after perceived unjustified shootings of brown people do a lot to fuel that as well, especially when it escalates to violent retribution against inocent cops. It does not help to have public officials encouraging this behavior (A currently sitting Seattle City Council member - on record and on tape - called for the people to rise up and "...kill of the murders with badges...")

There is also a problem that predates this where the enforcement community is hunting bad guys, and looses sight of the fact that most people are basically decent and trying to do a good job. The terrifying thing about all that is that laws are so complex now it is quite literally true that all of us are criminals - the only question is have we been caught, and what is the degree of the crime.

As for the tone of the video, that is not the video that will be shown to the judge to win the day. It is the video that will tug at heart strings so you will open your wallet and donate to the cause.

Speaking of which, where do I send a check???
I grew up in the era when the feds and many state officials thought all falconers were crooks. That is one of the things that spawned Operation Falcon. It's been suggested many times that Operation Falcon was also an attempt on the part of the feds to shut down the Peregrine Fund!