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I am slightly confused. The (very dramatic and emotional) video states that the narrator challenged the agency(s) in question to point to a statute which gives them authority for
the searches which violate the 4th amendment but they were unable to do so. If that is the case then there is nothing wrong with the falconry regulations and the
agency in question is simply abusing their power. That is not a "falconry problem" but a problem with that agency.

I will not say that I am unconcerned or unsympathetic (I know Fred BTW) but I will say that this is a more widespread problem than just falconry inspections. The culture in our
nation has changed and we accept heavily armed agents of one agency or another because we are lazy and expect someone else to protect us from everything. The public
succumbs to fear mongering which causes them to allow our tax dollars to be pumped into a process of making paramilitary organizations out of all sorts of civilian agencies.

The video, by the way, is heavy on emotion and light on facts that one can check and statutes one can quote. That type of media tactic I have no sympathy for.
What is the tie in between Pacific Legal Foundation and AFC?