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It is my opinion that if I must follow the law then government agencies must follow the law. Nothing emotional. I'm guessing this video isn't for the average falconer, more for the non falconry masses that don't have a clue.
I disagree but only in that I believe that those charged with enforcing the law should be held accountable to a higher standard. You shouldn't break the law but they should err on the side of caution. It is reprehensible for them to violate your constitutional rights in the name of enforcing the statutes. There is a concept that few understand called the spirit of the law and forcing entry to determine whether or not you have a complete collection of 3-186's is certainly not within the spirit of the law. In all honesty, law enforcement personnel who abuse power like that make it even more difficult for the ones who don't to do their jobs. That is why law enforcement agencies have to spend so much of your tax money on body and dash cameras.

I still believe that the tone of that video and others like it are designed to appeal to be an emotional appeal and there is no room for emotion in constitutional law. IMO it would be better to show the footage of the body armor clad CA fish cops doing what they did and discuss the actual regulations and of course the statutes they were allegedly enforcing. They weren't there to look for a teenage girl that Fred kidnapped and held hostage they were checking on a few birds which I am sure were being kept with a high standard of husbandry and the paperwork was probably mostly in order. I do not mean to imply that Fred would do such a thing but searching for a missing child with probably cause would be an example of a justifiable use of their tactics. So it would then be reasonable to assume that they either know they are abusing their power or they are delusional enough to think that their actions are reasonable given what is at stake. I cannot believe that anyone is stupid enough to believe that so what are we to conclude?