READING PA AREA. Female Peregrine took up in a thermal and went MIA on last Saturday. Two transmitters on her. 216.050 and 216.030. Bird is well seasoned and lure trained. Any leads at all please contact 717-679-1000.

Bird was found in Pottstown on a soccer ball and collected by DCNR after someone put her in a box, DCNR released the bird assuming it was research telemetry without looking into lost birds or checking with state clubs(in their defense they weren't notified in time either by us in that jurisdiction; but I would have still expected a little better investigation on a bird wearing two transmitters, jesses(unknown if they were still on though), and anklets.)

So last known location on Monday was Pottstown.

We did a plane scan yesterday to no avail, but pilot would not allow antenna exterior on the plane so we're not sure how much value it had.

Hoping against odds we can get a ping on her somewhere.