Love the tips! Jackpot reward would work great while training and not having to do the whole routine. Staying on the glove is sometimes an issue too. But not as much!
It is all about outsmarting them sometimes, makes me glad I decided to get a RTH as my first falconry bird. I would love to have one maybe two Harris one day, working with the Harris at the facility can be fun but yes they are more trouble makers for sure. Keeps you on your toes!

When offering the glove, how many of you have a piece ready or hidden or give with forceps? To retrain to allow touch on full body, I had piece visible on top of glove put on behind back, then a second piece hidden within the palm of the glove, random reward so he looked for that second piece and allowed touch. Worked great! I have never given tidbits on forceps before, how does that work for some of you with training?