His routine has been the same for some years now, the handlers found if you changed things it would freak the birds out and they would avoid or not cooperate. The old falconer a while back had rules about, no wearing hats, or if one person had a ponytail. All had ponytail etc.... Trying to do things differently for them ended up backfiring as they were spooked, or changing their routine they didn't understand the new thing we are asking, even landing in a different spot than usual, would just continue with the old or get thrown off.. Do you find this is something that would happen when changing things up for a falconry bird... Keeping in mind, changing things up for a bird that has been used to years of strict routine? I assume it would be better to start the bird with a constant changing of environment or actions while flying.
Makes me think for sure! I've always though that with birds they have they're routines and don't like it changing at all! It would be more enriching.
The more I read threads the more I learn the differences of demonstration flights and falconry hunting!