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Anklets can stay on birds for many, many years. There was a breeding female peregrine in MN that was a lost falconry bird that still had one anklet on 10-15 years after her loss.
Agreed even more so with todays Biothane. Fact that they seem to be intake and a mated pair says it may have well been lost or gone for some time.

I have a photo of the Florida Falconer who flew them in a cast years back...........there was also a story about them published. The fact I do not personally know him but know of the story of him flying them in a cast hinders me from posting their name..............They are however a member of the group NAFEX as well as his dad so perhaps one of them will reply back.

There are also members of the FHF Club who know of him so perhaps again, as stated he will post. Not saying this is nor believe his bird. Just stated there was only one person in Florida in that area who flew one years back......and as stated doubt this to be theirs and at this point would say leave the bird alone since no equipment other than the one anklet to be showing. It's productive now and best perhaps left that way.

Hawkmom, You know who I may be referring to on the above..........?