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I switched over from using a R400 VHF system on my male NA Goshawk to a Marshall UHF system 2 1/2 years ago.

In the areas where I hunt, there is pretty heavy cover and a lot of 15 to 20 ft tall cedar. This environment contributed to my having to pull out the receiver 4 or more time every time I went out and with the UHF system I had a better/improved experience with respect to how long it took to find my bird.

A year ago I picked up a Female Finnish Goshawk, and half way through last hunting season I added Marshall's Pocket Links and GPS transmitter paired with my iPhone 6+ to the equation.

GPS is a game changer! No more pulling out the receiver, unfolding the antenna, scanning around to determine approximate direction, fiddling with settings to determine distance, and then folding up the antenna and putting the receiver back in its case after locating the bird. When in the field I carry my iPhone in a waterproof case attached to a lanyard worn around my neck. After a slip if I can't see my bird all I have to do is tilt up the iPhone case and I know exactly where she is.

Although I also carried the UHF Receiver into the field with me as a backup every time I went out, I never had to use it. For this upcoming season, I'll probably leave it in the truck.
Thanks Joe, this is what I was hoping to see.