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I should have mentioned that the 3-186 is only required when moving birds from a propagation permit. In MT, falconry birds acquired or transferred, only need a state form.
Well, the 3-186a is required for transfer of ownership of MBTA raptors. If Montana is not using that form, they are capturing equivalent data and filing it for you.

It is too bad that the arguements that falconry regs be modeled more like the MBTA duck regulations did not take hold. The duck regulations are about 3 paragraphs long, and are beatifically streamlined. That would have led to some great changes, and a dramatic reduction in regulatory hassle. But both regulators and falconers had grown too used to our current Jack-boot/Jack-boot-on-neck scenario. It never ceases to stun me at how fond falconers are of having that boot grinding on their metaphorical throat.