Hey guys,

I've noticed a bunch of people have had issues getting into their notifications, particularly if they have a new message. The drop down menu we're used to isn't popping up. I've heard Chris is working on some site updates (I'm sure that's true), but until that time, here is a work around for both those on a desktop/laptop and those on mobile.

For desktop/laptop:

Right click on "Your Notifications" (the link shown in the picture below that's highlighted). This will bring up a menu. Choose the top option "Open Link in New Tab". This will open a new tab that will put you into your private messages and you will be able to access them as normal.

For those on mobile:

Go to the "Your Notifications" link in the top right corner. Press and hold on the link. A menu will pop up similar to this one shown below. Then press "Open in New Tab" (or whatever your browser says. Should be something similar.) This will open the messages in a new tab. Go to that new tab and you can read your messages like normal.

Hope this helps, guys!