Apprentice Falconer here and very excited to begin my journey in this amazing sport. I just trapped a passage female american kestrel last week and things have been going swimmingly so far. I think I have watched just about every youtube video ever made with the keyword kestrel in it which has been great.

We have just gotten to the point where she hops to my glove for food. I really took to heart the advice I read about spending as much time as possible with them in the beginning. She has either been on my glove or on a perch next to me just about non stop since I got her. She was 98g with an empty crop when I got her so she wont be a monster but shes not a runt either. I am just about to begin slowly dropping her weight now that I have built up some trust with her.

Anyway, cant wait to start diving into the threads here. Look forward to talking with you all. Here are some pics I took of her. I am biased but I think she's gorgeous!

-Harold Smith
Phoenix, Az