I have an AI project/abatement trio I am not going to follow through with:

2010 3/4 Lanner x Saker tiercel , HARD IMPRINT, flies 640 ish, has done abatement with multiple handlers, had donated to the hand for 3 seasons and been stripped for 2 ( so he covers a lonnggg time). Lives indoors/dogs/hoods etdc.

2015 Lanner hen, HARD IMPRINT , flies 620, newish lines to US, has done 1 season of abatement, crow hunts from the fist. Is moulting into blue now, and bows/chups already ( should be another season before she can actually breed though). Lives indoors/dogs/hoods etc.

2016 Aplo hen HARD IMPRINT, flies game at 315, has hunted and "practiced" for abatement ( flown 6-7 times a day in various settings). Already thinks she is sexy , does not hood ( not hood shy, just havnt done it), does not carry, is only noisy on "her" perch at " dinner time", lives indoors/dogs etc.

It would be awesome if someone wanted all three , for breeding or abatement. I will split the sale, but preference will go to someone who wants to keep the project going. They would be "turnkey" for an abatement season next year, and should be able to produce kiddos 2018.

Email at mattavidan@gmail.com