Hello all falconers,

I am from Milan, MI. I have been interested in falconry from many years, have always loved birds of prey and have wanted to get involved in falconry. I do have a small problem when it comes to the helping dispatch prey for the bird though. I recently posted my problem on a Facebook page dealing with Falconry. One person suggested to try here to see if i could find someone around me to go out with to see if it is something I can mentally handle. I know why to help dispatch prey, as you don't want the birds to get injured and the prey should not suffer either. So it is in the best interests or both parties to help I know.
The issue I am having is, I am a vegan of sorts (I don't eat meat products, but I'm not crazy, like the people out there trying to force it down others throats.), I like to call it a plant based diet is simply what I eat. But all the animals we have are carnivores... half my freezer is full of raw and dehydrated meats and organs for my ferrets. So raw meat doesn't bother me. It's the me personally killing something and being mentally okay with it. I love nature and have no problem with other things killing in order to survive obviously.
A lot of people have suggested to go out with someone to see if it is something I could handle.
I am personally partial to American Kestrels and Peregrine Falcons. I am not opposed to Red Tails of course! I love them all. But I really am interested in flying an American Kestrel. I would love the opportunity to go out with anyone who could give me a personal look into the sport and to see if it is something I could handle.
Thank you for whoever takes the time to read this and thank you for any helpful remarks!
-Nicole M