I have four stainless eagle swivels I'm offering for sale. Two were made by Bill Schnell, one by Steve Little and the other by Mike Melville.

Melville was the original designer and manufacturer of the stainless, figure eight swivels in the U.S. He eventually turned his swivel business over to Steve Little, who eventually gave it over to Bill Schnell. Bill stopped making them years ago. I might have purchased the last six eagle swivels he made.

Three of the swivels have been used. One of the Schnell swivels is still brand new. The other Schnell swivel was in continuous use for over 12 years on one of my females and then a male passage golden eagle. Other than having a patina, the three used swivels show absolutely no signs of wear!

Each swivel is 2" long with 1" rings.
As you can see, these swivels are virtually identical to each other. However, both Steve Little and Bill Schnell stamped the initial of their last name on the inside of each of their swivels. Mike Melville never stamped his swivels.

Bill Schnell eagle swivels are getting very hard to obtain today. Steve Little swivels even harder. And a Mike Melville eagle swivel, made in the 1960's is extremely rare. They just didn't make that many compared to their smaller falcon swivels.

I have an idea what this collection of swivels is worth. Send me a PM with your best offer if you're interested.

Thanks for looking and all my best,