My name is Scott Heberer, I'm 53 and live in central Illinois. I never heard of falconry until this past January. Since my wife and I moved to the country 22 years ago (Manito|Spring Lake area) I've increasingly become more and more "captured" by the regal beauty of the Red-Tailed hawks that habitate the roads back and forth to work. That intrigue lead me to research the broadwing on YouTube, and there is where I learned about this wonderful sport of falconry. I was blown away by the fact that with proper guidance and knowledge, a person could trap a hawk, and in a matter of a few weeks be in the field free flying and hunting..that blew me away. So I quickly became emersed and drawn deeper into these raptors day by day! I found Great Lakes Falconers Association on the web, and my wife and I attended their Feb. (unfortunately the last 1 of the year) field meet. After that, I was sharp-set on pursuing falconry. I set a goal to take and pass my Illinois State exam before May--tested on 4-28-17 and passed with an 86%; below my goal of a 90, but hey, I'll take it. Now I'm in the limbo state of trying to find falconers in my area, with the hopes of finding a sponsor, getting facilities built and passed, and being a licensed apprentice by September. Maybe a bit unrealistic, yet that's my goal. The part I have no control over is having a General or Master who lives in my area, and who is willing to go thru the tedious task of sponsorship. So, my main objective of posting is to begin making contacts and friendships that will help give me a slip on this new passion of mine. Feel free to PM me with anyone who may want to talk falconry, and-or work with a an old guy like me!