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    Default New apprentice from Mississippi

    Just introducing myself....

    I'm Evan, I live in MS and i'm hopefully a month away from trapping my 1st bird. I've always had an interest in falconry, and it's been the only sport my wife and I enjoy together. I've been fortunate to meet several falconers in the state and have been able to watch and participate in a the past year.

    When I finally made contact with falconers that didn't mind a +1 at a hunt, it was already the start of last years season. So after passing my test and preparing my mews and equipment, I've had a rather long and anxious wait for trapping season. The first time I got to hold a bird on my fist was unlike anything I can describe. I'm certain some of you felt the same.

    I look forward to meeting some of you throughout the next few years.
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