There was a delay in shipping and arriving, but I finally receive my Gos from Lance Christensen @10:30 tonight. He didn't seem too eager to meet right out of the crate but settled down rather quickly. After I prepare his bowl I weighed him at 652 grams empty (last meal was 10 hours ago). Put his covered food in his bowl and let him settle down. After a few minutes of him watching my sons RC car zooming by and distracted I remove the towel covering his food. Then my son and I watch from a few ft distance when he realize there is food and began to feed himself about 3 ounces of chopped quail. I'll find out his hatch date tomorrow morning but I think he is around 25 days old. I also need to build some sort of imprint box because he is already getting out and walking a lot and the wife already gave me THE look. So it begins...

still in the crate

in his bowl but he is old enough to get out

that is a standard size tennis ball