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Welcome Lauren. If you want to attract raptors you can always set up a nice bird feeding station and maybe a add a loft of a few pigeons. I had both at my former home at a residential location and I had frequent visitors that included sharp shins, coopers, redtails, and even a merlin or two.
That's a good idea! I have several feeders close to the house but in a sheltered location. If I put out some millet below the choice perches in the field maybe there will be some action on the house sparrows. I get feral pigeons frequently as visitors from my neighbor's barn.

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If you haven't already done so, you should seriously consider joining the Potomac Falconer Association which is you local/state falconry club, as well as the North American Falconry Association (NAFA). For the minimal cost for annual membership it will provide you with the opportunity to meet local falconers at the PFA field meets and picnics, and among the benefits that come with being a NAFA member are the 4 full color glossy magazines they publish each year that you are sure to find to be very informative with respect to falconry here in the United States.
Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware of the PFA, I'll check it out.

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to NAFEX, Lauren!
Thank you, Deb!