Tony... I live in Montana now, but I'm originally from the Tulare County and like most south valley folks from that area, I've spent a lot of time in Fresno. I'm only getting into falconing now that I'm in Montana, as it wasn't practical for me before now. As my parents are still in California and we make if back there about every 1-2 years, I'm curious to know what your experience has been falconing in Central California. In retrospect, especially if you know a lot of farmers (which I did) or if you spend a fair amount of time in the foothills, (which I did when we were in Lindsay) that there would be a pretty good falconing environment for California. Also... I am curious whether California's regs are a lot stricter than the basic federal regs that all state regs are built around. Mostly I'm curious because once my son and I have our raptors, I think it would interesting to do some falconing in California if it's not too onerous a process for an outside visitor.

Anyhow... you and I have joined the forum at about the same time. Good luck in your endeavors, I hope you'll post updates from time to time.