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    Selling off some stuff for a close friend that are either duplicates in his library or ones I can't afford to add to my own collection Feel free to make a reasonable offer.

    12 International Falconer (UK) varied 1999-2009 issues - $75.00

    5 "the Falconers" (UK) 1995 issues - $40.00

    American Falconry Issues 1-current (missing 2-7). Roughly half in wraps. I'm not sure what to ask on this, but I know American sells the ones they still have at 10 a piece. That would put this in at 680, so let's list at $575.

    Paperback "A Beginners Manual of Falconry" signed by Heinz Meng - $100.00

    "Shortwinged Hawks" new in wraps (1st printing) signed by author/professor E.W. Jameson Jr. - $200.00

    This last one is only out on a feeler, if the value/offer is right it may be available. If not it will stay in his collection. "Hawking or Falconry" 1929 Library Copy. 510 of 650 copies. Signed by Bob Widmeier.

    Some of these I can't seem to locate many locked in sales so I went with pricing that seemed fitting off what I could find...
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