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Hi Ron:

Aren't there any local vets around that you could get to know and build a relationship with? The health certificate is basically a formality. Everytime I've ever gotten one the vet simply looked at the bird, asked me if it was eating and acting normal. They checked the appropriate boxes, signed it and off I went. I think there was a $20 fee. But I haven't needed to get one in years. I hope you find a cooperative vet.

All my best.
I had a similar deal for health certs which prevented me from having to drive the 3hrs to the vet that is retiring. Even at 40-50 bucks it was a bargain compared to a 6 hour round trip but that vet worked for a local practice and has since left. Every once in a while I call some of the locals to see if the situation has changed but none of them even want to see birds of any kind. I also doubt that she had the appropriate certification working for a dog & cat practice to meet the requirements previously mentioned. VT asks for a health cert for imports but has not been very specific about the details. Most likely because we don't really have a poultry industry.