Hello everyone
My name is Justin. I had a pretty tough time getting an account started but I am here now.

I live in Front Royal, Virginia. I'm 35 and have started to read everything I can about this amazing sport. Im not on the internet much because I spend most of my time outdoors. It was tough at first finding out information locally. Just what I got from the nice lady at the DGIF. She did give me the numbers to 3 falconers in my area. 2 general and a master. I have yet to contact them. To be perfectly honest, I don't want to pester people. Plus I wanted to get a little reading done before I just picked up the phone and started asking "hey teach me".

After some reading. Calling the DGIF again and finally breaking down and using good old Google I emailed the folks at the Virginia falconers association and got a reply!
There are 2 events coming up in the near future. One is in Harrisonburg and the other is pretty close to me in Winchester. Me and my wife are planning on going to both. She is a licensed vet technician and is also interested in the sport. This leads me to my previous dilemma and my first of many questions on this forum.

I will be honest here and say, I'm really trying to find a sponsor, not a paper one though. Though I don't want to be rude or seem pushy. I'm not looking for someone to say "Hi I'm Fred. I'll be your sponsor" from the start. I don't have any equipment. I don't have a mew. I got books though. Plus I am in the process of buying a home right now. I do want to get into the field though and see quarry taken. I want to see other falconers, mews, and birds. I just want to take it all in. With all that being said, how should I go about introducing myself?
Am I being to timid or should I have already called the falconers given to me by the DGIF?

Thanks everyone and I'm glad I'm here.