Hi. My names Krys and I'm a hawkaholic.....Oh wait I'm thinking of AA. Anyway I've been a falconer for 5 years now. This past season I flew an imprint female cooper's hawk (still hunting actually), a passage female sharp shinned hawk (died of frounce after taking 65+ head of game including a handful of male grackles), and topped it all off by taking on a CB male HH that had suffered a humeral (wing bine between the elbow and shoulder) fracture and managed to take over 100 head of game with him in just over one month of hunting. I have worked at avian vet clinics most my life including one that saw nearly 400+ raptors a year. I also dabble a bit in potography...no Rob Palmer of anything like that. Below is a pic of the sharpy chasing a pigeon and the coop about to bind to a grackle.