Hey all. So several years ago my Wife and I had begun our journey with Falconry, slightly. We went on several hunts, started collecting equipment, studied for the test and began searching for a sponsor. However, at the time we were living in a rental home with a minimal back yard. That coupled with multiple deployments (was in the Air Force at the time) we decided we did not have the time or space needed to dedicate ourselves to the sport. Since then I have separated from the military and we purchased a home on 2 acres in Buckeye, Arizona (a much more rural area of the greater Phoenix area). So we are starting our journey again. I have dug out the old study material and the equipment that I had made/gathered and have been in contact with a couple local Falconry groups. My hope is to take the test in the next few weeks and find a sponsor/gather the remaining needed equipment to be ready for the May 2018 trapping season. We are truly excited to begin this journey again. We have both dreamed of being falconers for as long as we can remember. I remember this forum as being a wonderful resource and community with boundless knowledge. Wish us luck in our journey!