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    Default Heya from Canada

    Hey everyone,

    27y/o from Canada (British Columbia) here. Not exactly brand new to the forum but thought a formal introduction was due.

    Picked up falconry when I was living in Ireland. was only supposed to stay the summer and ended up spending 6 months there; more than half that volunteering at a centre on the west coast before picking up and finishing my Europe and North Africa trip meeting and experiencing more falconers along the way. Worked mostly with Harris' Hawks at the centre but got some experience with the lure and a saker, along with owls, eagles, and even a couple vultures. that was truly something else haha. Brought all that knowledge home with me and now I'm looking for others to link up with and carry on.

    So far, the falconry scene where I live is essentially non-existent, clubs are a mess and communication between falconers/austringers/centres are at best hysterically awful from what I've gathered. It's all but discouraging really.

    Had a Harris' lined up via Ontario (was the only breeder with a bird from here to southern US I could get ahold of) and it's just been a headache so I have no idea what I'm gonna do. Getting permits also a hassle but managed to finally get it done right before christmas so this is the longest I've been birdless since I started this in 2015... so the waiting game begins for the weather to clear or to trap a passage RT, however being January I'm not even sure I could or if would be a good idea.

    Anyways I'm looking forward to sharing with and learning from you all
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