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    Talking Pleasure to Be Here (Newb Incoming)

    Howdy from Tenessee! My names Cassady or preferably just call me by my screen name Zuke. (I'll be signing with Cass tho)

    I've been fascinated by falconry after watching a educator at a renaissance fair in Kentucky three years ago. Rather dominantly, its continued to be a fascination of mine since that point, and I've finally thought sincerely about perusing it.

    I'm still rather young (I turned 18 last april - about to turn 19 this year) but I'm really eager to at least test myself out and see if this is something I just want to admire or something I want to genuinely chase. I plan on buying the Apprentice Falconry Guide ( if you've read it and think its adequate or have any other recommendations please do mention) and would greatly appreciate any help I can get. I'm still not sure I have the complete dedication to take on falconry so especially websites or meets (Even though I have limited transportation, and probably won't be able to within the next few months... Still haven't gotten my driving liscense >D) would be greatly appreciated. (Falconry is a huge taking after all)

    I look forward to learning more about this place and the sport though. (ouo)

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